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How to Distinguish Various Types of Silk Duvets?

07 Jul 2022 0 Comments

A high-quality silk duvet insert or comforter can greatly improve your sleep quality. It offers ultimate softness, comfort, and hypoallergenic properties that make it a dream to sleep with. However, not all silk duvet inserts are created equal. In the market, you'll find different types of silk duvet inserts, and unfortunately, some merchants may misrepresent their products.

So, how can you identify the quality of a silk duvet insert as an end consumer? Here are some key factors to consider:

The Foundation - Types of Silk Fillings: There are three common types of silk fillings: long-strand mulberry silk, wild silk or tussah silk, and mulberry silk residuals or short-strand mulberry silk. These types differ in quality and price, with long-strand mulberry silk being the most expensive and highest in quality. Mulberry silk has a lustrous white color, is exceptionally soft and smooth, and offers durability. Wild silk has a yellowish hue, is less shiny, and not as smooth to the touch. Short mulberry silk consists of leftover fibers and lacks the luxurious feel of mulberry silk.

Observation Zipper Opening: Most silk duvet inserts have an observation opening with a zipper, where you can see and feel the silk inside. Take advantage of this feature to examine the silk and assess its quality.

Identifying Quality before Comparing Them Physically: There are a few indicators you can consider:

  • Color: Long-strand mulberry silk maintains its bright white color, so if the duvet insert shell is white and the silk appears bright white, it's likely to be long-strand mulberry silk. On the other hand, a white duvet insert shell showing a yellowish tinge suggests the presence of wild silk.
  • Fixing Method: Long-strand mulberry silk is delicately structured, and it's typically fixed by spots rather than cross or long thread sewing. If you observe cross or long thread sewing, it's less likely to be mulberry silk, although the absence of this sewing method doesn't guarantee it's mulberry silk.
  • Price: Silk duvet insert prices from manufacturers are usually transparent, with minimal variations. The price difference among different brands mainly reflects variations in operating costs. For example, a Queen Size all-season silk duvet insert (approximately one square meter filled with 250 grams of silk) should generally range from $250 to $350.

Remember that quality comes at a price, so it's important to consider the value you'll receive for your investment. However, keep an eye out for discounts and special offers that may provide a good opportunity to purchase a high-quality silk duvet insert. Checkout our Spring/Summer/Fall Long-strand Mulberry Silk Duvets as well as All Season.

The chart below summarize what we've talked about.  

 Last but not the least, this video below shows you vividly how soft yet strong mulberry silk can be.

PS, the highest-level double-cocoon mulberry silk is way much more expensive, I won’t introduce it here for the time being. But if you're interested, please Contact Us, we can customize it for you. 

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